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Case Studies

Over the years, our leadership team has worked with investors to achieve their specific equity growth objectives. Here are a few samples of those investments. 

Shopping Center Case

This community shopping center was increased in market value by over $2 million dollars, or 20%, in 18 months through a combination of restructuring existing leases, upgrading tenant mix, and adding additional square footage onto existing improvements.


Haight Ashbury 9 Units

This multi-family property located in San Francisco's desirable Haight Ashbury neighborhood generated $1 million increase in equity in 24 months through strategic management of rent control laws, restructuring leases, and upgrading structural components. 

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Sherwood Apartments

This 8-unit property was increased in value by over 100% in 24 months through complete remodeling and re-envisioned landscaping of the property. 

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